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A team at the service of inland and maritime navigation.

AGRES ENERGYoffers professionals and individuals a wide range of supplies for navigation and instustry. We cover your needs for inland and maritime navigation, whether commercial, tourist or leisure, but also for manufacturers.

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March 2021               New !  

Try the grip of Adhera shoes® products !

Amazing ! These shoes stick to the ground !

Exceptional grip on a slippery ground (ice, fat, etc.) thanks to the "suction cup effect" of its rubber sole and the action of a hundred studs. Many models are suitable for nautical, industrial, food and medical environments.

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April 2020

Arrival of Katchoe® fenders.

AGRES ENERGY is now a distributor of Katchoe® fenders. A design studied to meet the needs of commercial navigation. A longevity barn thanks to its rope crossingswhich prevents them from breaking in the case of snagging. Also available, fixing sets for fixed installation.

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