Our additional services …

A real know-how.

                                                                AGRES ENERGY offers additional services to the distribution fittings :

                                                                 Verification and maintenance of life jackets of the brands Plastimo, Besto, Marine Pool and Lalizas.
                                                                Plastimo - La mer vous sourit  Besto-Redding on Twitter: "Today another 5000 @BestoRedding #Solas  #lifejackets heading to Palermo for big cruiseliner #cruising #cruisechat  http://t.co/mafgCklcK3"  MARINE POOL : 5 boutiques de mode en France.  LALIZAS - Fabricant d'équipements de sécurité
                                                                Design of splices on new and used rope (repair of loops on existing rope) from 3 to 12 strands.

                                                                Preparation of various "ready-to-use" matérials and equipment repairs.

                                                                Pumps and generators rentals.

                                                                Rental of space for the tempory storage of materials.

                                                                Reception of goods on behalf of a professional during his absences.

                                                                And many others, … 

                                                                We are at your disposal to find the solution to your needs.